Best Tools For Creating Infographics In 2022

Infographics are used for many purposes. Whether you’re a teacher making a presentation, or a business owner trying to show off some impressive statistics, infographics are always a fun and engaging way to present data. Of course, not everyone has the tools and the know-how to create a good infographic.


Lucky for those without heavy editing skills, creating infographics today is as easy as using one of the many software online. With so many tools to choose from, we can understand that it can be quite confusing to see which ones are worth using and mastering. As such, here’s a list of the best infographics tools you can use right now.


1.   Canva

When it comes to graphic design needs and you’re a newbie when it comes to other software, Canva is possibly the best choice. This affordable and intuitive platform is arguably popular within the community.


Canva’s premium version features a large selection of templates that you can easily tweak to your liking. Included in that wide selection of templates are ones for infographics. Due to Canva’s easy-to-master nature, it’s perfect for people of all skill levels and of all needs. Checkout this link for great deals and alternatives:


2.   Visme

Like Canva, Visme’s strong suit is that it’s a platform that’s surprisingly simple and easy to use. It features customizable content blocks that allow you to edit an infographic’s template section by section. The content you put in the blocks will adjust automatically so you don’t have to worry about moving anything else.


Visme also features a wide selection of templates that you can use. It’s useful for infographics and other types of materials that you can use for teaching, marketing, and more.


3.   Venngage

It shouldn’t be surprising that Venngage is a part of this list. Keep in mind, Venngage started out as software that’s focused on creating diagrams and engaging infographics. That said, it’s an intuitive platform that lets you easily create infographics from the bottom-up in just a few clicks.


A great feature of Venngage is that it gives you access to large selection of icons and illustrations that you can search for in organized categories. Each of the icons on the platform is royalty-free so you don’t have to worry about anything else. Unfortunately, you cannot change the colors of the free icons.


4.   Infogram

Infogram’s main offer has always been data visualization. With that, the software gives you access to all sorts of chars and elements that will allow you to visualize any type of content. The platform also offers infographics in various sizes that are fit for social media.


What makes the platform unique is that it also offers a wide selection of GIFs, and stickers from GIPHY to let you create even more engaging infographics.


Infographics are a great way to present data, statistics, and more in a fun and engaging manner. It can be quite taxing to create infographics without strong knowledge of editing. However, these tools prove that even those who’ve never seen Photoshop in person before can create engaging presentations too.